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제목I would definitely recommend Pilates to anyone with injuries or people trying to get back into fitness!2017-12-15 15:18:49

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1.  Why did you choose O pilates? How did you start pilates?

I am a friend of Yerin’s so she invited me to try a class. After the first one, I was hooked! I began Pilates because I was working a lot and has some pretty bad posture habits and was generally unfit. Pilates has helped me get back on track to where I want to be.


2.  What did you want to gain through pilates? What was your purpose?

After working at a desk for so long without daily exercise, I felt that Pilates was a great option for me. I was out of shape and could feel my muscles were weak. I needed to ease back into exercise and Pilates allowed me to do that easily. Gradually I built up strength and was able to incorporate other exercise (yoga, running, cycling) into my routine without injury.


3.  Did O pilates help you to achive your purpose? If did, please explain How.

Very much so. I like that Pilates exercises are assisted, so you never feel like you are straining or possibly going to injure yourself. You are able to work at your own pace and gradually strengthen your body.


4.  Did you have any pain or uncomfortable body parts before you start pilates? How it changed?

No pain, just general muscle weakness. I’m definitely stronger now.


5.  Did you have hard time to find pilates instructor who can speak English in korea?

Honestly because I know Yerin, I did not do a lot of research to find a Pilates studio before I came to O Pilates. But I will say the instruction and English level is great!


6.  Do you think pilates is helpful? How pilates can help people in days?

I would definitely recommend Pilates to anyone with injuries or people trying to get back into fitness. I think it takes a couple weeks to see real results, but you progress quickly if you go regularly. 


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